Fruitful discussion with Dr Viktor Sebek, Chairman of South-South Cooperation Council (SSCC)

Had a fruitful discussion with Dr Viktor Sebek, Chairman of South South Cooperation Council (SSCC) , together with Dr. Mohamed Maliki (Advisor of MyHumanitarian), Hj Muzhafar Shairazi (Vice President of MyHumanitarian), and Ms Sharifah Norizah (Honorary Treasurer of MyHumanitarian) to further introduce MyHumanitarian team and give further explanation on our Clean Water Supply Project in Sarawak. Dr.Viktor and team said they are really amazed with our high impact community project and really encourage and anticipate our project to be showcased in Sri Lanka Conference on Water , in August 2021 held in Colombo City.

As MyHumanitarian President and Program Director of the clean water supply community project in Sarawak , I will be presenting this project and successful story to the conference. MyHumanitarian is ready to soar higher and share our best practices to other countries from other continent like South Africa, Latin America, Europe etc through our participation in the conference. Perhaps this could be our first step to expose our project to UN Office South- South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP ).

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